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Which sneaker best suits your style?

The sneaker craze has taken over the world and New York City is no exception. But how to choose the sneaker that suits you best? We speak to Swedish Sneakerphile Anton Stiglund  – who owns a pair for every occasion.

Axel Arigato sneakers effortlessly embolden every look. Find the perfect pair here. 

The 25-year-old sales’ professional’s affinity for The Sneaker – capital S – began long ago. Attracted – like so many of us – to the comfort and laid back style that sneakers offered, he never turned back.

Anton owns no less than eight pairs of Axel Arigato shoes, from the highly popular good for every-day Cap-toe and Platform models and to the Clean 90 shoe he reserves for chic nights out in town.

Cap-toe Sneaker, Suede with Leather Toe

Cap-toe Sneaker, Suede with Leather Toe

For Stiglund, every pair helps bring together every outfit – from casual, to smart, to formal – and with some practice, he’s managed to make it work every time.

“I think it all really depends on the shoe,” he says. “You kind of learn to put things together, sometimes based on your mood, but usually based on practice and the look you’re going for.”

Stiglund has made practice perfect. Looking sharp in every ensemble he puts together, the sneakerhead says he chose Axel Arigato precisely for their top quality products that come without the hefty pricetag.

Clean 90 Sneaker, Navy Leather

Clean 90 Sneaker, Navy Leather

“I cherish every pair I own – the quality is amazing,” he says.

Stiglund pairs his sleek shoes with just about everything he slaps on – from sportswear to evening wear. The key is to keep the shoes clean, he says, and not get too matchy-matchy with your outfit. Above all: wear with confidence.

“It’s easy to feel confident when you’ve got these shoes on,” he says. “There’s something so understated about them, yet they’re also really bold. They’re the perfect balance.”

Axel Arigato sneakers effortlessly embolden every look. Find the perfect pair here. 

The Shoe Showcase
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• Shoes starting at US $195
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